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Chelsea N. Knox Massage

Schedule your next massage with me at my local San Diego massage office. You can make your reservation for a massage in San Diego with the new convenient online booking system or by phone or email which can be found on my massage san diego contact page.

My massage office is conveniently located in the Old Town area of San Diego. Come in and get a great massage in San Diego at a reasonable price. If you would like to have someone come to your work place and offer chair massages check out the San Diego chair massage page.

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What to expect the first time receiving a massage
San Diego Massage Therapy
Some people are nervous or hesitant about receiving a massage if it is their first time. Knowing what to expect beforehand should make it easier; just know the following basic information about getting a massage.

It is best to remove all clothing and jewelry for a massage. Your massage therapist will never expose you. You should tell your massage therapist if you have injuries, soreness, and especially--during the massage if you experience pain or discomfort. Do not be embarrassed to say something during the massage. This is YOUR time. A massage should never be painful and does not have to be painful to be beneficial.

Professional massage is strictly non-sexual. The therapist has the right to end the massage at any time for inappropriate behavior.

Remember that a massage is a time for you to relax; keep conversation to the minimum. Focus on your breathing, relax your body, and do not try to help the massage therapist if they re-position your arms or legs. Let them do the lifting and just relax your body. Imagine a rag-doll, that is what you are for an hour.

You should tell your therapist what you specifically did or did not like about the massage so they will know for the next time.
And above all, get massages regularly for a healthy body and balanced life.

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Parasympathetic Massage
A slower and more relaxing form of Swedish massage, parasympathetic massage is deeply relaxing massage. Slow, flowing strokes bring you into an alpha state where your body's own healing powers are most accessible. This massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your body to rejuvenate and restore its balance.

At the same time this massage assists the lymphatic system in cleansing metabolic waste that builds up in the muscle tissues. This massage is soothing, painless, relaxing and therapeutic. Contact me for a parasympathetic massage in San Diego.

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