San Diego Massage Services

San Diego Massage Services

$70 – 60 minute massage session
$100 – 90 minute massage session
$30 – 30 minute reflexology add-on before or after massage

Aromatherapy and Hot Towels Add-on: $10

Relaxation Massage (Swedish Massage)
If you are just looking for a massage where you can relax and be pampered then this is the right massage for you.

A relaxation massage (Swedish) is a full-body, luxurious massage which uses various different massage techniques including long strokes, gentle kneading, rolling of skin and muscle, and other relaxing massage techniques.

This massage will leave you with a sense of well-being and help to relieve stress and tension in your muscles. It also can improve your circulation and help you to sleep better.

PNF Stretching
PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching helps to enhance active and passive range of motion.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage similar to a relaxation massage, except it is done lying on your side nestled in a bed of pillows and the massage concentrates on the special needs that arise during your pregnancy such as lower back pain, swelling and leg cramps. This massage will leave you feeling relaxed.

It is strongly suggested that you consult with your physician before receiving any type of body work while pregnant.